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Associate Spotlight

Associate of the Second QuarterTom Cox

Tom Cox – Player Services Representative

“Someone recently asked me how long I was going to continue working at MVG, I replied, ‘until it’s no fun anymore.’ I enjoy welcoming people and helping them enjoy their time here. I work with a great group of people, my managers, supervisors, leads, and co-workers are committed to the highest standards and treat each other with respect and sensitivity.”

Associate of the Second QuarterMaurice Pinson

Maurice Pinson – Cleaning Attendant

“I like interacting with the guest and working with the employees that work at MVG.”

Associate of the Second QuarterRegina Hynes

Regina Hynes – QSR Attendant

“I enjoy working in perks because I get to have the interactions with our guests. I get to learn their stories, I get to create a great relationship with them.”

Associate of the Second QuarterCandace Hamilton

Candace Hamilton – Gaming Attendant





Associate of the Second QuarterDave Spalla

Dave Spalla – Senior Financial Accountant





Associate of the Second QuarterChris Lance

Chris Lance – Technical Support Specialist

“I’m grateful for the opportunity’s provided to me by MVG. This experience has been tremendous for bolstering my career. I want attribute a lot of the successes to my co works and the leaders of my department because without them I wouldn’t have the ability to be successful”

Leader of the Second QuarterJennifer Crafton

Jennifer Crafton - Player Services Supervisor

“MVG is a special place to work and it takes special people to work here. My favorite part about working here is getting to interact with these special coworkers daily. We have become a family who genuinely care about each other individually and professionally. I look forward to the years to come as a member of the MVG team!”


Leader of the First Quarter nancy gilligan

Nancy Gilligan - Security Supervisor

“Working at MVG has been a blessing. I thoroughly enjoy working with my teammates and making our department the best it can be. I look forward to many more year of continued success for MVG!”



Associate of the First Quarter Dena Zavakos

Dena Zavakos – Cocktail Server





Associate of the First Quarter Gerald Schulze

Gerald Schulze - Player Services Rep

“Miami Valley Gaming is a great place to work! From supervisors to co-workers you are encouraged, supported, and developed to be the best employee you can be. MVG is truly my ‘happy place’.”



Associate of the First Quarter Angelee holbrook

Angelee Holbrook - Graphic Designer





Associate of the First Quarter alex DiFrancesco

Alex DiFrancesco - Banquet Server

“MVG has become like a second family. I am grateful to work with everyone here. I also enjoy the variety I get. Everyday is different here!”



Associate of the First Quarteranthony lamb

Anthony Lamb - Lead Gaming Tech

“Good people to work with. Opportunities for advancement. Bust most of all it’s the people I get to work with. They make it fun to come to work day to day.”



Associate of the First Quarterdave Schlemmer

Dave Schlemmer - Maintenance Technician

“I truly enjoy what I do here at MVG. Everyday brings different experiences and challenges. The many projects I get tasked with executing provide me opportunities to utilize my skills and be creative. I enjoy seeing something I created be used on a daily basis and seeing the appreciation for my part in the big picture.”


Leader of the Quarterdave smart

David Smart - Facilities Manager





Associate of the Month-Decembergina fumi

Gina Fumi-Fiamawle - Gaming Attendant

“I enjoy working at MVG because of the team work. Every department has its own team and each team works well with other teams. A successful company runs off the hard work of each team working together!”



Associate of the Month-Novemberbeckie shipwash

Beckie Shipwash - Administrative Assistant

“I love my job because no day is ever the same. Each day I am presented with new challenges and situations, which really helps me to stay focused and interested. I feel that I am working with professionals that I can learn from and that they will push me to take on new and challenging opportunities. They want me to succeed and push me to succeed. My job is challenging but rewarding, and my co-workers are awesome. I feel I am appreciated and allowed to take initiative to get things accomplished. I am trusted. I have a great work life and home life balance. I love what I do and who I work with.”

Associate of the Month-Novemberjerry jones

Jerry Jones - Player Services Representative

“I enjoy working at MVG because of all the many guests you get to know working out front as a Player Services Rep. I also enjoy working with my fellow associates behind the counter, and we all work as a team.”



Associate of the Month-Octobersteve cochran

Steve Cochran - Security Officer

“THE PEOPLE, both the guests and the staff are the best group of people to serve. They make the job worth it all. Smiles are contagious. It makes everyone around feel better.”



Associate of the Month-Octobermartha sexton

Martha Saxton - Steward





Associate of the Month-Septemberderek s

Christina Godown - Gaming Attendant

“I just celebrated my 4 year anniversary and I couldn’t be happier with working at MVG! I love working with the people here and love interacting with the guests. Every day is something new here. MVG makes you feel valued as a worker, plus all the different events they do for you and your family is wonderful. My kids really look forward to going. I am so happy I came here!”



Associate of the Month-Septembertanya

Tanya Bolt - Financial Accountant

“I enjoy working at MVG because of the people I work with and the flexibility in my schedule. I love that there is a new challenge every day, so I am always learning and growing.”




Leader of the Quarterderek s

Brandon Sumpter - Housekeeping Manager

“People often ask me why I like working at Miami Valley Gaming and my answer is always the same. I have the opportunity to lead a wonderful team that produces amazing results! I’m fortunate to work with the very best people in this industry.”



Associate of the Month-Augusttiffany

Tiffany Taylor - QSR Attendant





Associate of the Month-Augustderek s

Veronica Weisbrodt - Barback





Associate of the Month-Julyderek s

Derek Smith - Promotion Specialist

“I love my job because no day is ever the same.  Each day I am presented with new challenges and situations. MVG really provides a great environment to grow and advance as an employee.”



Associate of the Month-Julylarry r

Larry Rausch - Buffet Cook

“I work hard on the buffet line: helping the associates help the guests! But the best part is having fun with the guests: talking to them, calling by first names, or joking with them! If I can’t have fun- then I have to work!”



Leader of the Quarterjeff g

Jeff Glenn - Sous Chef

“The teamwork at MVG is second to none. Everyone working together makes it really easy to come in and do your best, every day!”



Associate of the Month-Junemisty c

Misty Collins - Cleaning Attendant

“I love working with all the wonderful people here. I couldn’t have made it this far without my wonderful manager and supervisor. I have truly made some forever friends here.”



Associate of the Month-Junetammy s

Tammy Spradlin - Buffet Server

“I love MVG, I love the people I work with. And the customers that come in here, they’re like my family, there’s always opportunities for other jobs, good benefits, and a lot more. Best place to work!”



Associate of the Month-Maywendy carroll

Jarvis Jones — Buffet Cook

“I’ve worked at a lot of negative places in my life but since I’ve came to MVG this has been the best 3 years of my life. MVG is the most positive team oriented place I’ve ever worked at. Guest Path is the Bible to success. Team MVG is where dreams come true.”


Associate of the Month-Maywendy carroll

Jeffery Bone — Fine Dining Bartender

“There are 2 main reasons I enjoy working at MVG. One is the connection with our loyal customers. Two is being part of a team. It starts with management and the executive hosts and their trust in our team at Cincity makes coming to work more enjoyable.”


Associate of the Month-Aprilwendy carroll

John DeSalvo — Cleaning Attendant

“You can enjoy working at MVG because you set your own destiny. All you got to do is work hard and you will be rewarded for your hard work. Opportunity and hard work will pay off. It is up to you.”



Associate of the Month-Aprilwendy carroll

Brittany Halcomb — Bartender

“Working at MVG has been really great. Even when things seem rocky with-in the Beverage Department, all of my co-workers are positive and ready to work. I’ve made a lot of lifelong friends within my department.”



Leader of the Quarterdonnie kennedy

Donnie Kennedy — Security Manager

“Working at Miami Valley Gaming has been an exciting experience and I have been blessed with a great team that I consider as my family. Our upper management team provides us with the resources and tools necessary for our professional growth, and always encourages us to keep climbing the ladder of excellence. I couldn’t ask for a more supportive company to work for, and look forward to a bright and successful future here at MVGR.”


Associate of the Month-Marchwendy carroll

David Hyde — Lead Players Services Representative

“I work with a talented and dedicated staff and also meet and engage with lots of guests to ensure that all patrons enjoy a positive experience. I pride myself on my customer service skills and my ability to resolve guest issues. At MVG I feel valued and respected for my contributions to the team. Lastly I enjoy being a part of the many promotions which are geared toward bettering the community of Warren County. ”


Associate of the Month-Marchwendy carroll

Rosemary Wainscott — Assistant Racing Secretary

“MVG is a family oriented facility. The overall atmosphere is a happy one, thus making working conditions enjoyable and enables the worker to pass on good will to guests. I am very fortunate to have experience this firsthand.”



Associate of the Month-Februarywendy carroll

Wendy Carroll — Revenue Auditor

“Miami Valley Gaming has allowed me the opportunity to grow and achieve some personal goals, from my current position to learning the air of culinary. But Miami Valley Gaming would not be what it is without the team of associates that have a friendly, positive and encouraging attitude that make a difference in the people around them. I am thankful to be working for a company that recognizes hard work and dedication.”


Associate of the Month-Februarygreg murray

Greg Murray — Gaming Attendant

“The people, the people the people. Great co-workers and some fun people who come in to play. Management makes you feel valued as an employee as well. As a part-timer I don’t think I could have found a more interesting setting to work in”



Associate of the Month-Januaryjonathan cooper

Johnathan Cooper - Business Analyst

“I have genuinely enjoyed working at Miami Valley Gaming ever since I joined the team. This job has paved the way for me to grow professionally and intellectually, and I am able to collaboratively find solutions to help the company grow. They really create an atmosphere for a work-life balance and amazing opportunities that I am truly thankful for.”


Associate of the Month-Januaryconnie valiton

Connie Valiton - Player Services Representative

“MVG allows me to “Learn, Know, and Show.” MVG is a great place to work because you have the chance to see the end results of all the hard work and effort put into the promotions. Supporting management and co-workers completes our team at MVG. I am thankful to be recognized and rewarded for my hard work.”


Leader of the Quarterken rambo

Ken Rambo - Cage Manager

“Working at Miami Valley Gaming I feel that I am supported in the decisions that I make and that my co-workers genuinely care about my well-being, both personally and professionally. I also really enjoy helping others. While there can be similar problems, each guest sees things differently and working with them is a unique experience. I take satisfaction knowing I was able to solve the problem, and they are appreciative.”


Associate of the Month-Decemberkylin maloney

Kylin Maloney - Fine Dining Cook

“I enjoy working at Miami Valley Gaming because of the challenging, ever-changing, and rewarding work environment.”




Associate of the Month-Decembermichael robinson

Michael Robinson - Gaming Attendant

“Miami Valley Gaming makes me feel very welcome and people are always smiling.  This place has become like my second family and I really enjoy working with my coworkers.  They make this place great.  A lot of the guests that come in here are amazing too!”


Associate of the Month-Novemberkasandra baker

Kasandra Baker - QSR Cook

“ I love working at Miami Valley Gaming because it’s a GREAT atmosphere. Everyone is so friendly and positive. I love having the opportunity to grow and become more knowledgeable. I always recommend working here, they really know how to treat their employees.”


Associate of the Month-Novemberamanda cruz

Amanda Cruz - Lead Security Officer 

“I am grateful to be a part of the MVG Family! I love working here because the environment is friendly, there is always an opportunity and there's never a dull moment!”



Associate of the Month-Octobercurt dew

Curt Dew - Maintenance Technician Manager

“I like working at Miami Valley Gaming because it offers opportunities to do many different jobs and I have fun working with friendly associates. We work together to provide the best gaming and entertainment experience possible. I feel good when guests enjoy themselves because of our work. Leadership listens and provides a positive culture for working.”


Associate of the Month-Octoberangela caudill

Angela Caudill - MV Perks Attendant Manager

“Miami Valley Gaming is a part of my family. I’ve been here for three years now and never have gotten as close to my guests and co-workers as I have at MVG. It truly is a special place to work for and I’m very thankful.”



Leader of the Quarter

Phillip Harris - Player Development Manager

“Ever since I’ve joined the Miami Valley Gaming family it has been an extraordinary experience of growth and professional development. Miami Valley Gaming cares for the advancement of all of their associates and is truly a place for anyone to achieve their goals and dreams. From my experience within the gaming industry, I can definitely say that Miami Valley Gaming is a great company to work for!”


Associate of the Month-September

Amberli Denney - Gaming Attendant

“Working at Miami Valley Gaming has been the most enjoyable job I have ever had. The guests we serve make every day a different experience. It is very rewarding to know that people return because of the wonderful service they receive on a daily basis. The team of associates truly work together to make this company what it is. Everyone that works here has grown into a “second family” and I can’t imagine working anywhere else without this team.”


Associate of the Month-September

Brad Critz - Buffet Cook

“The thing I love about MVG the most, is my team. I can not imagine going to another company and finding a team like we have here. Having a good team to have your back is everything, and MVG has put together the best!”



Associate of the Month-August

Brian Merritt - Receiving Clerk

“This place feels like family. Aside from the great work environment, atmosphere, and attitude of the company, I think that’s what is most enjoyable. The co-workers and managers make this place really shine, and that is a quality that only builds as it, the company, grows.”



Associate of the Month-August

Eric Kirkpatrick - Gaming Attendant

“I love working for Miami Valley Gaming for many reasons! My interaction with our guests leaves me feeling fulfilled, and the feeling of family with my other co-workers is something I’ve never felt before with another company. Miami Valley Gaming also does a magnificent job of recognizing it’s associates for the hard work they do!”



Associate of the Month-Julygerald

Gerald Hildebrand - Cocktail Server

“I’ve been with MVG since day one and it’s a great place to work and great place for opportunities to move up. I enjoy the atmosphere and environment that upper management and HR has created for associates and guests. I also enjoy the interaction with guests and providing service to them.”



Associate of the Month-July

Bernard Elie - Buffet Cook

“Miami Valley Gaming is more than a job, it’s a career and a way of life. I have been here since the beginning and I want to retire from here. Great pay and benefits. Thank you for giving me this opportunity! Now, I am working towards nominee of the year.”



Leader of the Quarter

Matt Decker - Player Services Supervisor

“An individual can only be as strong as their team. At MVG I feel as if I am twice as strong. I am empowered by the support, guidance, coaching, trust, and teamwork that I receive from my leadership team. By utilizing the aforementioned qualities I have been able to empower my own team. Support also comes from my fellow coworkers, not only in my own department, but facility wide. MVG is continuously improving and striving for the betterment of both customers and associates. MVG recognizes and celebrates the accomplishments, efforts and contributions of all associates.. It is because of this combined team effort of MVG that I am able to celebrate the accomplishment of becoming the first Supervisor awarded Leader of the Quarter. I look forward to continue growing and celebrating the accomplishments of my leadership team, my associates, my coworkers, and all team members of MVG. ”

Associate of the Month-June

Nathan Pucke - Marketing Event Specialist

“I love that I work with a team in which I have creative freedom to try new ideas knowing that they will be fully supported and cultivated by all. It is hard to find such an environment that allows that freedom while working on the scale that we do. I am very happy to have joined the MVG team and look to many more years of working here!”


Associate of the Month-June

Kelly Crockett - Bartender

“I absolutely love my job at MVG. It is the most fun and exciting work environment I have ever worked in. We have a great staff and I love my co-workers.”



Associate of the Month-May

Mitch Lawson - Advertising Specialist

“MVG is a great place to work. I appreciate having a job where hard work is recognized and rewarded. I really enjoy the comradery I have with my fellow associates and look forward to accomplishing more great things with them. Thank you to everyone at MVG for creating a sense of community and a place I look forward to coming to everyday!”


Associate of the Month-May

Sharon Crist - Fine Dining Server, Cin City

“Working for MVG allows me to do what I love to do; take care of the guests and to give them the best possible care and to create a memory.”



Associate of the Month-April

Lonnie Martin - Gaming Technician

“In such a short amount of time Miami Valley Gaming has become my favorite job I've had. MVG has given me amazing opportunities to do the best job I can. I work with an amazing team that prioritizes teamwork and communication. Everybody you see gives you a warm 'Hello' and a smile. All of these attributes come together to give our guests the best experience when they spend their time with us!”


Associate of the Month-April

Beth Duley - Wardrobe

“I get to work with some of the best people every day. People who take pride in doing a good job everyday they come to work. Everyone takes “our guests” term to heart. We treat our visitors as special guests, because they are special; they come to us to have a good time.”


Leader of the Quarter

Stephanie Wisneski - Gaming Shift Manager

“I’ve been working for one of Miami Valley Gaming’s parent companies, Churchill Downs for 6 years and here at Miami Valley Gaming since before opening. From experience, I can say that the company provides growth opportunities throughout the country. It has been wonderful seeing Miami Valley Gaming grow into what it has become for the area and I’m glad to be a part of it. It is refreshing to be a part of a team that listens to your feedback and input, no matter what level you are at throughout the company.”

Associate of the Month-March

Jennifer Swain - Buffet Server

“I love working at MVG because it is super exciting meeting the guests and seeing the look on their face when they win! Also, I work with a great team in the buffet we work well together and are a happy little family.”



Associate of the Month-March

Joseph Turnbow - Trifecta Cook

“I enjoy working at MVG because of my co-workers and guests. Everyone makes it a fun, energized environment that I can look forward to every day”



Associate of the Month-February

Bob Staples - Lead Gaming Technician

”Great people to work with. Opportunities abound. I love my job”


Associate of the Month-February

Mark Jestice - Maintenance

“I have had the privilege to work at Miami Valley Gaming from the opening. The Facilities Department services all the other departments. I consider these departments “our” customers. We work hard to resolve their problems to allow them to better serve the external guests. The people I have met have gone from coworkers to friends. I’d like to thank my managers and coworkers for their support.”

Associate of the Month-January

Holly Underwood - Graphic Designer

“Working hard and working together is what makes MVG so successful. A huge effort is made to make sure that everyone knows what an important piece of the puzzle they are. I’m so grateful to be part of such an amazing team!”

Associate of the Month-January

Colette Dugger - Gaming Attendant

“I’m coming up on my 2nd year at Miami valley Gaming and I must say this has been one of the best jobs that I have ever had. Why settle for a boring desk job, when you can be around amazing guests, live bands, and great co-worker’s.”



Associate of the Month-December

Candy Hamilton - Gaming Attendant

“I have worked at Miami Valley Gaming for almost two years. I enjoy meeting new people, talking to guest and helping them. My co-workers are some of the most amazing people, and not just gaming but all departments. I feel blessed to be surrounded by this great group.”


Associate of the Month-December

Kim Krueger - Accounts Payable

“The best co-workers can be found at MVG! They are beyond co-workers, they are family. Always there to help out and make you smile. Great teamwork!”



Leader of the 4th Quarter

Ken Rambo - Cage Manager

“Miami Valley Gaming is a great place to work. The culture supports growth within the company, and I love that the management team promotes a friendly atmosphere among the employees. I enjoy working for an organization striving to be excellent without sacrificing other important values. I go to work every day and have fun. The team here is great and we all work together to accomplish our goal, to create a memorable experience for our customers while they visit us.”

Associate of the Month-November

Bernard Elie - Buffet Cook

“Miami Valley Gaming is a great company to work for, with excellent employee benefits and pay. They offer a wide range of opportunities for everyone. Miami Valley Gaming stands behind what they say and really care about their associates. I plan on staying with Miami Valley Gaming until I retire years down the road. It’s also a very cool place to brag about where you work.”


Associate of the Month-November

Timothy Ernst - Security Officer

“Working at Miami Valley Gaming has been a very enjoyable experience for me. The associates and the guests are awesome. The atmosphere is great and we have a lot of fun together.”


Associate of the Month-October

Mike Loper - Food & Beverage Steward

“I enjoy working here because of the people I work with. They are very friendly especially my chefs and my co-workers. I give thanks to all of them. Without them things wouldn’t run well. They stuck by me through my hard time early on this year, and I thank you for being there for me. I never thought I would win and be associate of the month!”


Associate of the Month-October

Clint Kohl - Lead Gaming Technician

“I like working at Miami Valley Gaming because it offers a wide variety of opportunities to prove yourself. Working at MVG has shown me that teamwork can go a long way when working on projects that involve lots of details. There is always something new happening and always something new to learn. That is why I love working at MVG!”


Associate of the Month-September

Sharon Crist - Fine Dining Server, Cin City

“Miami Valley Gaming provides me with all the tools, training and opportunities to give my guests the best dining experience possible at Cin City Sea & Steak House. I am a server who loves to serve and my guests are like family to me.”



Associate of the Month-September

Beckie Shipwash - Facilities Administrative Assistant

“This position has allowed me ample room for growth and many opportunities to interact with all departments and the guests. I continue to pick up new duties and look for ways to improve Customer Service. MVG believes in their associates and will assist in any way they can to accommodate growth.”



Leader of the 3rd Quarter

Brandon Sumpter - Housekeeping Manager

“Miami Valley Gaming is more than a job it’s a family. I have never worked for a company that had a strong culture that allows people a real chance to grow professionally, but show support and reward its associates by giving back and showing true appreciation. I also have the honor and opportunity to work with people I like and respect.”